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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  April 4, 2011 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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tonight, trouble in the skies a united flight makes an emergency landing, we have reaction from the surprised passengers. >> up and down, up and down and i see we are doing -- landing. first, trouble for southwest continues after the roof of a plane rips off. tonight what the government is going going to do. the faa will issue anard order for emergency expects of 80
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boeing 787. the order is aimed at finding any weakness in the middle of the jets. most are owned by southwest. most of them have already been inexpected. that process meant dozens of cancellations. kron 4's reggie kumar joins us live. >> reporter: today at oakland international airport, you can see it behind me, four southwest airlines were canceled tonight, and another three were canceled at san jose. lof the fuselage inspections should be completed tonight. >> reporter: southwest says it will be back on schedule by tuesday. the carrier says it may have cancellations but they will be unrelated to the inspections that have been underway ever sense a hole opened up in the
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plane last week. monday, less than a hand full of flights were canceled here due to inspections. none of the cancellations appeared on the screens near the ticket counter. regina says her flight is late because it was inspected. she is glad southwest will be on track by tuesday. >> they weren't announcing it was late. i think they are not probably on top of the scheduling yet. >> is that good to hear? >> great to hear because i am coming back on wednesday. >> reporter: she felt it was necessary to ask if her plan was examined. >> i asked if the plane was ever inexpected and she said yeah, i think they have all been inspected. i did ask the question. >> reporter: again, by the time the emergency federal aviation
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administration order goes into effect tomorrow southwest will have finished inexpected all of its 80 planes. alaska has two of those types of planes, they still have to inspect those planes. live in oakland, reggie kumar, kron 4 news. today a united flight headed for san francisco had to make an emergency landing in louisiana, the problem mechanical trouble, it was a frightening landing for the passengers. kron 4's jonathan bloom describes what happens. >> reporter: passengers say they are grateful to be alive and happy to be home. >> it didn't seem right. >> something wrong. >> reporter: something was very
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wrong. the electricity went out and crew reported smoke. >> first i thought it was bad turbulence. >> the engines would come up and very loud. the pilot was turning the plane around to make a landing and with the plane heavy with fuel, he knew the landing would be rough. >> i would like the longest run way. >> everyone was squared -- scared. >> i see we are landing really fast. >> we knew we would have to brace for impact. >> we are going to land hard. >> reporter: the trouble wasn't over. with the fuel tanks full, the plane ran all the way off the end of the run way. >> it was a sudden stop. the front wheels were stuck in the mud. >> she started screaming get
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off. >> leave everything. evacuate immediately. >> we had to leave the personal items. >> what was it like going down the slide? >> it felt bumpy since all the people were going at once. >> reporter: passengers already announced their own conclusions. >> i think he made all the right decisions. >> excellent job. excellent job. >> really well handled but -- >> it's one of these days you won't forget. >> reporter: passengers were struck by how calm everybody remained. everyone said they have no reservations about flying again. jonathan bloom, kron 4 news. no testimony today in the barry bonds trial because a juror called in sick. butno evidence that could be
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critical to the case. >> out of the presence of jury, prosecutors announced they found missing audio tape between steve hoskins and dr. arthur ting recorded after the 2003 raids. earlier in the trial he testified he recorded the cover with dr. arthur ting. but prosecutors they steve hoskins found it. the timing couldn't be better for the prosecution who saw their case devastated last week when dr. arthur ting testimony contradicted steve hoskins testimony. though he said they talked about steroids 50 times and discussed barry bonds steroid use, dr. arthur ting only
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recalls one conversation. depending on what is on the tape, it could be used to impeach dr. arthur ting's testimony. attorneys are making their own transcript of the audio tape and they are trying to make sure it's the real thing. on tuesday they will be back in court to argue whether or not it can be introduced into evidence and that means whether steve hoskins and dr. arthur ting need to be called back to the witness stand. dan kerman, kron 4 news. temperatures remain mild tonight. 50s and 60s throughout the bay area. 60 concord. 60 antioch. 50 half moon bay. tomorrow will be another nice day. morning, cooler side inasmuch temperatures will slide into the 40s over night and by noon
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tomorrow, slower to warm. you will notice it out there. mostly sunny skies. the cooling trend continues through the rest of the week. the hunt is on for the man who beat a giants' fan at dodger stadium. you are looking at a photo of the victim. tonight there are new details and a new reward, that's just ahead on kron 4 news. the internet on a plane! are you from the future?
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this was the scene earlier today in san francisco. hundreds of people rallies for the rights of union workers. there were similar protests across the state and it also honored martin luther king, jr. the crowd gathered on market
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street. police kept everybody off the streets. the protest ended peacefully. new details tonight as a giant's fan remains in a coma. a $50,000 reward is offered for information leading to an arrest. bryan stow was leaving the dodgers-giants game when he was attacked in the parking lot. two men followed and taunted him and then hit him from behind. he is a paramedic, was badly injured. a guilty plea is expected from the man accused of kidnapping jaycee dugard when she was 11 and holding her captive for 18 years. an attorney says phillip garrido will plead guilty to all charges. he says his wife nancy will go to jail unless she gets a better plea deal.
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they are each charged with 18 felony counts of false imprisonment and rape. a beautiful day today but cooler weather on tap for the rest of the weekend, even a chance of rain. it will tell you what you can expect coming up in a few minutes. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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. now for a look at other bay area news covered by our crews today. >> reporter: in san francisco parking prices could be changing. the more spots available, the less you will pay, the fewer spots available, the more you will pay. up to $6 an hour. for special events as much as $18 an hour to park. these changes go into effect april 21. kron 4 news. >> reporter: crews removing a plane that crashed just over here and took the life of the
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pilot. richard manuel just took off when his plan crash landed here causing his death. monday crews worked to remove the wreckage. the plane was placed on this flatbed. you can see how much damage the plane sustained. kron 4 news. >> reporter: a couple in shock and trying to recover from the recent storms. bob and jane are still trying to salvage a few belongings from their home which was wiped out by a mudslide. the mud is 3 feet deep inside and out. the home has been red tagged and the insurance won't cover the costs. rob fladeboe, kron 4 news.
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the weather was almost perfect out there today. temperatures were in the 70s and even 80s. right now still on the mild side in the 50s and 60s. let's look at what we are expecting tomorrow. 5-15-degree cool down. santa rosa today 80 degrees. 67 tomorrow. we were in the 70s in san francisco. tomorrow 60s. 60s in richmond and 70s along the delta. 71 livermore, back down to the 50s in half moon bay. today was 77 degrees. so went degrees cooler along the coast tomorrow. satellite, drier air keeping the storm to the north. all this rain through organize and washington, not impacting california. increasing winds and cooler conditions and rain this week.
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here is a look at future cast, spots of rain here and there. 5:00, light rain through the east bay shore. areas of rain through the later morning hours. 11:00 and in the afternoon seeing more cells move in to the north way. seven-day forecast, cooler weather starts tomorrow, continues through the rest of the week. thursday chance of rain, temperatures down into the 50s. wednesday, it's going to be pretty windy as temperatures cool. weekend, a little warmer. making headlines tonight a government shut down looms. lawmakers say they have a short- term solution that would extend funding for a week. the president will talk about that with lawmakers tomorrow. president obama is running for
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reelection. he offered a kickoff video. he will be focusing on raising money now. he has appearances lined up. in japan, operators of the nuclear power plant dumped tons of radioactive water into the ocean. it had to be done to make room for more radioactive water. the water is 500 times the legal radioactive limit. in sports, the nam championship game sets records for shooting and the sharks roll to another division title as joe thorton goes for career point 1,000. carry is next -- gary is next.
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all right. good evening, everybody. once again, the sharks are the best team in the bay area. joey thorton in pursuit of 1,000 career points. needs three to get the job done. mark, toff shelf, 2-0 san jose
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over the kings tonight. danny, the pass. 4-1 sharks. thorton gives him 998. weakside rebound turning on a red light. 999 career points. the sharks win the pacific division title, 6-1. next up anaheim on wednesday night. three games remain for the sharks. first, though, let's go to the locker room. >> you meant to win your division so you can -- you get home ice, obviously. we got a good division so i think it's -- we still got some work to do. still fighting to get the second seed. but, you know, it's -- it's good for us. >> all right. bring on the playoffs. it was tough to watch tonight. oh, the ncaa championship game,
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brad stevens looked good. jim calhoun and then the game began. butler shot 18%, my body guard kevin taking the high road. butler misses 22-23 shots. 13 minutes with one field goal and from then all 13 point uconn advantage. the championship was there. jim calhoun, probably the only guy, kemba walker delivered. shot 5-19, 16 points. calhoun, 68, the oldest man to win the ncaa title. a that's chris mullin, basketball hall of fame. great star at st. johns. 5 times all star with the warriors. he goes in tonight with dennis rodman and tara vand veer, of
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course, last night, crushing loss in the ncaa, one of six coaches, 800 wins. good news this morning. >> when john called i was so happy, he called early west coast time and he woke me up and i went back to sleep. but i slept with a big smile on my face. last summer was the first time i went with the '92 dream team. wonderful experience, look forward to going back in august. >> there was one moment if you are a long time follower of warriors basketball, don don nelson was his coach, chris brought nelson back to coach the warriors a second time. went through the whole thing, mentioned everybody accept don nelson. there was a moment, he has an alcohol problem.
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nelson say i got him to rehab. strange today. when something went wrong when chris was the gm and -- chris i am sure nelson pushed him out. strange. when i go into the kron hall of fame and i don't mention you. >> i would be crushed. >> kevin will receive my award that kron hall of fame. there he is accepting the award. seems like a strange location for a michael jackson stature. the english premier league, they have a soccer league and the billion air, owner of the hairline's department store told his fans he is a fan of jackson and if they don't like the statue, they can go to --
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the english premier league, michael jackson statue in front of the palace. >> he wants it there. >> all right.
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